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and the heat come back on? >>> face to face, gabrielle giffords and her husband in a courtroom confrontation with the man who nearly killed her and the challenges facing president obama, are your taxes about to go up? and what a relief, no matter who they voted for, a lot of families feel like they woke up the winners on the morning after the election, because they got their lives back. nightly news begins now. >>> good evening, it is the definition of adding insult to injury, with so many people, hundreds of thousands of people still crippled, along the east coast, many of them living in misery. a second storm has come along making things worse while the storm covered victims in snow, as far north as the coastline in plymouth, massachusetts, where the ocean came up over the road and beach last night the feds report three quarters of a million power customers across six states still have no power. >>> then, there is the search for gasoline, 38% of the area is out of gas, no power to run the pumps or both. and starting tomorrow morning, metropolitan new york will follow new jersey's lead and
including people here. more on the devastated region ahead. congresswoman gabrielle giffords spoke facing that guy the won who shot her in the head. the judge sentenced him for the massacre that left six dead. the pentagon now confirms iranian war planes fired on a u.s. drone flying in international airspace. we will follow-up the breaking news unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the second major storm in a week adding insult to injury in the northeast. new york and new jersey are back in the thick of it again. snow and wind snapped weakened trees and downed power lanes. tens of thousands of people lost power. many only just got it back after hurricane sandy. >> no fuel for the generator. i will try to warm up the has. >> my daughter is three. i bundled her up in blankets and put her between my husband and myself. >>shepard: in new jersey, more than 12" of snow. 5" itch -- 5" fell in central park, a record. breezy point is covered in snow this morning with more hardship in a place where so many lost so were. the nor'east
congresswoman gabrielle gifford learned his fate. the dramatic reports in court from her husband. >> showers in the area and it will be cold tonight. i will have the details on a wet weather forecast. 'v >> prayers of the san francisco border today where 21 -year-old thai riesling was gunned down last friday and that the district. the catholic archdiocese began organizing vigils were homicide victims last month after five killings happened within days. >>> the man who critically wounded gabrielle gifford -based sentencing today. and we recorded what her husband had to say in court. >> gabrielle gifford for the first time came face-to-face with a man who almost took her life. inside a tucson federal courtroom, mark kelly and gifford's approached the podium together for a statement at this sentencing of derrida faulkner. kelly said of his wife, you have put a bullet through her head that you did not put a dent in her spirit. in 2011 she was holding a constituent meet and greet outside a tucson supermarket when he approached her and shot her in the head. 12 others were wounded and six were kil
gabrielle giffords recordÓ estas herida js l s. >>> hoy volvieron a abrirse las herida nuesten esta corte feder. sobrevivientes hablaron contra el joven luego de ser sentenciado a 7 cadenas perpetua sin derecho a libertad condicional, esto tras declararse culpable en 19 de los 48 cargos que enfrentaba a cambio de no enfrentar la pena de muerte. >>> ahora va a tener que estar el resto su vida pagando por lo que Él hizo. >>> este hombre abriÓ fuego el 8 de enero del 2011 en el estacionamiento de un supermercado en tucson, su objetivo era matar a la etc congresista federal gabrielle giffords ella sobreviviÓ, 6 perdieron la vida el esposo de giffords se dirigiÓ ate hombre favor nombre de su esposo y le dijo: >>> este hombre no se dirigiÓ a las mÁs de cien personas p presente en corte las Únicas palabras fueron sÍ magistrado para confirmar que cedÍa su derecho a doctar declaraciones,s padres del joven lloraron >>> aunque no regresan las personas que para usted murieron es un paso muy importante, para poder seguir con todo lo que estamos haciendo nosotros para mejorar nuestra comunhid
. >> former congresswoman gabrielle giffords was face to face with the man who shot her in the head and left her with a traumatic brain injury. jared loughner killed six and wounded 11 others. we have more on today's sentencing. >> reporter: retired astronaut mark kelly spoke directly at the man who shot his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords who did not speak during the proceedings. you may have put a bullet in her head but not a dent in her spirit. know this and remember it always -- you failed. it was the first time gabrielle giffords came face to face with 24-year-old jared loughner who is accused of killing six and wounding 13 other. >> . another said i will not think of you again. loughner will spend the rest of his life in jail without the possibility of parole. he pleaded guilty to 19 federal charges as part of a plea deal to avid the federal death penalty. the only time he spoke in the courtroom is when the judge asked him not to comment. tucson shooting victims exspresd their pain and talked about the importance of treating the mentally ill. >> people should have been alerted t
of a plea deal. congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be at the sentencing along with others who were at the attack. jared loughner is accused of killing 16 people and wounding several hours. >>> secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is not interested in another four years and speculation is sentencing on jim kerry. tim geithner is also expected to be replaced by jack luan leon panetta has said he is ready to return to his walnut farm in monterey. >>> it is not clear what mitt romney's plans are after losing out his bid for the white house. after watching the election news, he told them, win or lose he wanted to spend time with his family after months on the road. they are refusing to speculate what might be next for him but the former governor is unlikely to disappear from politics completely. >>> they are revealing two things to watch this. marijuana is still illegal under federal laws despite the passage of the two measures. colorado and california is the first state to allow potato for use. oregon has rejected the measure for use. >>> the protest will mark the one year anniver
, the man who pleaded guilty to shape -- shooting gabrielle giffords and seven others will plead guilty in tucson. 13 will bonded, including gabrielle giffords the shepherd of good will -- gunshot wound to the head. he will receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole. he has been undergoing psychological treatment at a missouri treatment facility. an arizona man in prison for nearly four decades for murder is a free man. he was convicted twice for murdering two people in 1962. for years the justice group fought for his release saying there was no dna evidence and the other man was convicted for the crime. the arizona governor refused his release. time passed and prosecutors refused to try him a third time, instead of agreeing to a plea deal. he pleaded no contest to second- degree murder. the judge agreed to sentence him for time served and released him from prison here yet flames light of the night sky in phoenix after a large number of hay bales caught on fire. officials hope to at least contain it soon. no word on what started the fire, but next just -- excess moisture
. >>> former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords comes face to face with the man who shot her. what her husband said before the defendant learned his sentence. >> 15 months, what safeway workers are being urged to do by their union leaders. . >>> today was sentencing day for the man who opened fire in arizona last year, killing 6 and wounding 13 others, including former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. he will never be free again. >> reporter: a woman who survived the shooting because her husband gave his life to protect her. >> exoneration for my husband. >> the shooter jared lee loughner was brought to the courthouse in a caravan of police officers. he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. pleading guilty to 19 federal charges. >> it is our hope this will be a positive step towards their healing process. physically, emotionally, and psychologically. >> reporter: the shooting was in a grocery store parking lot in january 2011 when gabrielle giffords was meeting with constituents. she was shot in the head. the man who was elected to take her place did. >> it s
. >> in a national news nearly two years after gunning down the several people while targeting gabrielle giffords to take off loughner was sentenced for what took place today. >> the stars are all too obvious this is video of gabrielle giffords earlier this week as your husband pointed out in court today she struggles to wahl and her right arm is paralyzed and her speech is limited. the shooter was sentenced to life in prison without parole. he agreed to this with avoiding the death penalty. they stood together and they said mr. loughner, you could have put a boat to her head but not a dead and her spirit. and he showed little reaction. at least 10 other victims were in attendance. >> there was absolutely no way to make sense of those senseless tax. >> barber and the other victims in the will never forget that day in january of last year. gabrielle giffords was holding an outdoor meeting near a supermarket in tucson. jared loughner walked off with a gun killed six people wanting 13 including giffords. he had fired 31 shots and has never explained what had compelled them. psychiatrist testified th
're not able to release an official cause of death. >> gabrielle giffords and other victims came face-to-face for the first time with the man who shot them outside a grocery store last year. jarret laughteedoughner. >> gabrielle giffords to read her husband in front of the man and said that he had failed to kill her. survivors and friends of those who were killed packed the courtroom. >> pam was shot twice. >> i decided that adding anger to the burden would do no good. >> she stotaught at the same elementary school that laughner was at. >> your mind as of the failure of our society to adequate -- provide adequate care. >> he did look at their victim. his mother sobbed as victims described their personal pain. >> i felt it across the back of my head. this is tragic. the showman is treatable. >> gabrielle giffords came face- to-face with the man who tried to kill her. she did not speak. her husband did. mark kellie said he may have put a bullet through her head, but you have not put a dent in her spirit and her commitment can make the world a better place. he pleaded guilty to 19 federa
, including former congressman gabrielle giffords. >> keith russell joins us live from the newsroom for the emotionalinute when they came face to face today. >> chances are we'll never know where he killed the victims. it's a chance for them to close the door on the ugly chapter. loughnau seven life terms, one for each of the six people he killed. outside that safeway in tucson, arizona. one for the attempted assassination of former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. giffords was among the victims who had a chance to see loughner face to face. he did not speak in court today. she didn't speak. but her husband, mark kelly, did. telling loughner, you tried to create for all of us a world as dark and evil as your own. but know this, and remember it always, you failed. arizona congressman ron barber, who won giffords' seat in congress after that shooting, also had a message for loughner at a press conference just moments ago. >> i hope that these long years of incarceration that you face will give you the time to think about what you have done. and to seek forgiveness from those whose to
without him. the face of the tragedy, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords, stood at her husband's side as he certainly addressed loughner. saying, you tried to grieve for all of us. know this, and remember it always, you failed. you have decades upon decades to contemplate what you did. but after today. after this moment, here now gabby and i are done thinking about you. so many affected will never fully be able to walk away from the tragedy. but today, taking another important step toward recovery. jay gray, nbc news. >> during a statement to loughner, mark kelley also lashes out at jan brewer for not doing enough for gun control and mental health. the governor knew some of the victims and on this solemn day, she's not interested in engaging in politics. >>> washington is getting ready for the return of congress next week, where they will address the so-called fiscal cliff. votes are still being counted in florida. lawmakers are also counting, 53 days until the fiscal cliff. with steep cuts and tax hikes will take effect if congress cannot agree on how to intervene. >> boehner's posit
gabrielle giffords in the head and killed six people has been sentenced to life in prison. the shooting rampage took place in january last year in the state of arizona. jared lee loughner shot democratic congresswoman gabrielle giffords in the head as she was addressing local supporters in tucson. he also killed six people including a child. the court ruled that loughner was mentally ill but legally competent at the time of the crime. it sentenced him to seven consecutive life sentences and 140 years in prison. giffords, who retired as congresswoman since the incident, attended the sentencing with her husband. >>> two major japanese automakers, toyota motor and mazda motor, are expanding their business alliance this time abroad. they have agreed to produce a toyota brand car at mazda's plant in mexico. the companies have announced that they will make 50,000 subcompact cars a year at a plant mazda is now building in central mexico. production is scheduled to begin around the summer of 2015. toyota plans to sell the cars in north america. a new design based on mazda's demio model will be
gabrielle giffords. edward lawrence reports. >> reporter: 24-year-old jared loughner showed no emotion as his victims addressed him in court. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords stood tall. her husband said you may have put a bullet in her head but haven't put a dent in her spirit. after this moment we're doesn't thinking about you. loughner tried to assassinate giffords at a shopping plaza last year. he fired 31 shots in 30 seconds killing six people and wounding 12 others. patricia said giffords gave me courage to speak in court. >> she greeted me and said i needed to be strong. >> reporter: loughner chose not to koinlt court. his mother cried throughout the hearing when the judge handed down the sentence. loughner was diagnosed with schizophrenia and forcibly medicated so he could participate in his defense. many victims say the mental health system and people around loughner failed him. >> we need to be much more willing to intervene. >> reporter: retired colonel survived a shot to the head. he forgives loughner because of his illness. >> if he wasn't mentally disturbed why the
. >> -- by a masked man in her own home. >> and former congresswoman gabrielle giffords in the same courtroom as the man who shot her in the head, the drama that played out as the gunman learned his fate. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. we begin with a teen-ager arrested for a brutal attack and robbery of an 81-year-old woman inside her northwest d.c. home. >> the victim is still recovering in the hospital. fox 5's maureen umeh working this one tonight now. >> neighbors say there has been an uptick in crime in the area lately but nothing as brutal as the random attack on the elderly woman. tonight police continue to patrol the area as a precaution. the burglary and beating happened wednesday afternoon inside this house surrounded by bamboo on mckinley street. an 81-year-old woman lives here alone. neighbors say she's legally blind and hard of hearing. sometime before 1:00 police say a masked burglar broke into the house through a back window. they say he punched the victim in the face and head, then took an apple computer. minutes later a mailman discovere
gabrielle giffords came face-to-face with the man who nearly two years ago. the shooter showed little reack as victims spoke directly to him. >> he was sentenced to life without parole. today her husband told him quote you changed her live and couldn't deny her spirit. more on the emotionald÷ statements made in court. >> former astronaut mark kelly spoke at the man who shot his wife, former congress woman gabrielle giffords who did not speak during the proceeding. you may have put a bullet in her head but not a dent in her spirit, kelly said. you tried to create i world as dark and evil as your own but know this and remember it always, you failed. it was a first time gabrielle giffords came face-to-face with the 24-year-old jared lee laugtner. his mother sat sobbing in the courtroom. i won't think of you again a shooting victim said, injured trying to help her 9-year-old neighbor. he will spend his life in jay without possibility of parole, he pleaded guilty to 19 federal charges as part of a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. the only time he spoke in the courtroom was when the judge a
single day. >> shepard: former congresswoman gabriel giffords among those in court to face the man who shot her in the head. tonight, a convicted killer learns his fate. >> and newly released video of a murder suspect attempt to steal a plane. but, first from fox this thursday night. iranian military confrontation in the skies above the persian gulf. the pentagon this afternoon confirms that an iranian warplane last week shot at but did not destroy an unmanned u.s. military drone. it happened, they tell us, on the first of november. days before the presidential election. the pentagon tells us the mq 1 predator of ours, a drone, was flying off the coast of iran on a classified mission, as they put it, over international waters. of course, this comes at a time of increased tensions between the u.s. and iran over that country's nuclear program. and the incident could well signal that the iranians may be stepping up defensive measures in response. jennifer griffin has fox top story live at the pentagon. jennifer? >> well, the pentagon says that on november first at 4:50 eastern time, the -
to kill his wife. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. they faced jared loughner in court today during an emotional sentencing hearing. as jay gray reports now, loughner will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> reporter: as he arrived at the federal courthouse in tucson, jared loughner knew his sentence life in prison with no chance of parole. what he and the world would learn today is that the pain and emotions from that killing spree in january of 2011 are still raw, and at times overwhelming. >> i'm very, very angry, and sick at heart about what you did, and the hurt you have imposed on all of us. >> reporter: often through tears and always focused directly on loughner, survivors shared heart-wrenching stories of that day, loved ones lost and the struggle to move forward. suzy heilman was shot three times. she watched christina taylor green die in her arms. with a quivering voice but unshakable resolve she told loughner, quote, i wanted to shake you and scream at you, as if that would matter. i will think of you as dead. this woman whose husband died shielding her
under the age of 18. >> eight after 11:00 is the time. gabrielle giffords to confront the man that shot her in the head. >>> president obama made a victory speech. what is holding up election when we switched to fios, we got better tv, better phone, better internet. it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. we're actually getting more for our money with fios. [ male announcer ] it's time to get more for your money. upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone with our best price online. just $84.99 a month, guaranteed for one year with no annual contract. there's at least three computers. [ girl 1 ] a tablet. [ woman 1 ] couple of gaming systems. we could all be running at the same time. we do not notice any dips. [ male announcer ] get tv rated #1 in customer satisfaction. and get the school year off to a great start with america's fastest, most consistent and most reliable internet. internet is absolutely imperative for school nowadays. look up this, write an essay on that. my life is greatly improved because of fios. [ male announcer ] move up to fi
to replace the seat once held by congresswoman gabrielle giffords. congresswoman gabrielle giffords' former aid ron barber will run for a complete -- will -- ron barber will return for a complete run for the race and postedthis message on facebook. this is great news and we are so excited our friend is representing us in congress. >>> machine in in florida. democratic challenger is leading and while the margin does not automatically trigger it, ballots were miss counted. >>> and they are protesting the country's abortion law. the protest follows the death of an indian woman to terminate her pregnancy. they are remembering the woman who was 17 weeks pregnant. she asked for the procedure after her doctor told her she was having a miscarriage and because she was in extreme pain. >>> and researchers say there were was growing support among the african-american community today that number is up to 151% nationwide and if the -- and many of them will support it. >>> and they made headlines,uc police made headlines pepper spraying the campus and they agreed to a 1 million-dollar settlement with 21
congresswoman gabrielle giffords came face to face with loughner. mark kelly spoke for her in the courtroom and hear more of what he had to say coming up later in the broadcast. >>> seven members of the secretive seal team 6 one involved to kill osama bin laden they have been pirned for allegedly disclosing classified information. the seal members, consulted with makers of medal of honor war fighter. now that is a major violation of navy rules regarding disclosure of tactics, techniques, and pre seed jur -- procedures. seven men were punished, 11 involved, nonjudicial punishment, letters of reprimand can be career enders and punishments were read out loud in front of their peers this morning. a little public humiliation. >> first the book, upset about that. and now a video game. >>> if you were watching yesterday morning, you saw the braise in robbery in which thieves drove into a mall to rob a jewelry store with an ax in hand. >> this morning a robbery a bit more directal we say. this one, from tennessee, cameras caught some one using a forklift to rip an atm off its fixture. >> who ever w
parole for the man who shot gabrielle giffords. six other people were killed. and a court room loughner was sentenced as her husband looked on. in a statement he said -- he later spoke with diane sawyer. >> use their right in his eyes. what did you see? -- jus dare write in his eyes? i saw a person who has mental illness and also somebody who knew where he was and why he was there. >> he said he is proud of his wife for staying strong. as part of a plea deal, he avoids a death sentence. >> 22-year-old was hit october 20 while crossing the straight near ridge road and university boulevard. the car was in a street to raise and just kept going. >> it hit him, they run. i just want to tell them my cousin is about to die here. suffering with my family. >> police have a few leads. the family say he was working to support his mother and son in honduras and his girlfriend is pregnant. >> a man is hospitalized after a fire destroyed his glendale home. it took firefighters one hour to put out the blaze. the home owners suffered burns but is said to be in good condition. the home is destroyed. fr
congresswoman gabrielle giffords is facing seven life sentences in a federal courtroom. jared loughner as giffords and her husband nmark kelly were in the courtroom. he read a statement. kelly spoke to diane sawyer. >> what did you see as you scared in his eyes and what was that for you? >> i saw certainly has major mental illness. but also somebody that knew where he was and why he was there. >> kelly said he was incredibly proud of his wife were staying strong and through this entire experience. laughner avoid the death sentence. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg has issued a gas rationing plan because of persistent long lines drivers have endured. this plan allows drivers to get gas every other day. this comes after new jersey gov. chris christie enacted a similar plan and it cut down waiting times at gas stations significantly. we have also learned that madison square garden will hold a special concert next month to benefit those affected by sandy. it will be called 12-12-12. >> still to come, get ready for a big traffic mr. r morning if you live in montgomery county. we wil
federal courtroom he was ordered to serve seven life sentences. gabrielle giffords is still recovering and was present but did not speak. her husband, astronaut mark kelly, says her life was changed forever. he will not face the penalty -- death penalty. >> a possible appeaplea deal for a man charged with selling government secrets to wikileaks. the deal does not include the more serious charges. they include aiding the enemy which is punishable by life in prison and. manning will be tried by a military judge in february. >> protest at the university of virginia by students demanding the resignation of the rector. a student group picketed the rotunda and delivered an open letter to the board of regents. they say the open discussion about hiring practices. >> on capitol hill, a house committee announced plans to study possible changes to building height restrictions in the district of columbia. buildings in the nation's capital have been limited to 12 stories for more than a century. preservationists say the units allow unrestricted use of the washington monument and the u.s. capitol a
as possible for injuringix people and mothers, including gabrielle giffords, will be formally sentenced this week. jared lee loughner will spend rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. kids suspected of being a will be in court this week. a third suspect, a juvenile, in court november 13. >> we want to remind you that coverageion night begins at 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. we are teaming up with abc news. and theey campaign obama campaign. >> the potential for rain this week. e back to tell us when to pass the umbrellas next "washington weekly." now for the federal hot minute. >> in this interconnected high- in, so manye live our governments missions require multi durst sectional cooperation. multi-jurisdictional cooperation. newsst have been welcome canadian government has to dramatically increase in privateing security. the canadian government will one than double spending against cyber attacks. no doubt this increase is in to the country's report saying that in paces not keeping with cyber threats. despite the heavy investment may years,the past 10 not adequately prep
, the man who shot then congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be sentenced today. a judge will sentence him to life in prison as part of a plea deal. congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband will be there along with congresswoman barer -- woman -- congresswoman barber. >>> they have taking over the search for remains connected to two notorious serial killers. death row inmate. wesley howard shermantine claims he and an accomplice buried dozens of bodies and one of the bone fragments being tested is to see if it is connected to a woman kidnapped 42 years ago. >>> there is new information about the pipe bomb found overnight in san jose and it all started with a routine traffic stop. jeanine della vega is right there at the scene. what do you know now? >> well -- >> reporter: well police are telling me, it is right in front of this nypd dog's restaurant and the man who was driving was right on metropolitan, while the scene is clear, you can see that pile of sandbags, that was where the bomb was taken to the detonated. that was the sound of the bombing detonated around 1:00 this morning
garret. >>> jared loughner is being sentenced to life in prison. congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband retired astronaut mark kelly is set to speak. congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot during a deadly attack and he avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty to 13 charges. >>> and on the west coast of canada it was centered 25 miles off the coast of vancouver island. late last month, it caused a small tsunami and prompted evac wakes a long coastal areas. death toll has reached 48 at least from a major earthquake from the guatemala border. it was a 7.4 earthquake but they felt it as far away as mexico city. several buildings collapsed and at least 100 people are missing as of right now. they caused mudslides which are making it hard for rescue teams to get to some of the buildings. >>> it will be the first time a president will visit, white house has not a knowned any plans to visit and they have been encouraging the reason progress by easing some of the sanctions applied against the old military government. >>> some changes are expected to his cabinet during his term in
you. the man who shot gabrielle giffords will spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance for parole. gabrielle giffords did not speak in court but her husband did. jared loughner killed six during the shooting spread. an offer to plead guilty. attorneys for bradley manning said they would be willing to plea for a possible lesser charge. seven members of seal team 6 have been punished for their role in a new combat video-game. there recede forfeiture for half of their pay for participating in a video game -- they forfeited half of their pay for participating in a video game. >> walmart is opening its chains on 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. walmart says there will run a variety of promotions throughout the night to keep people shopping in the stores laundeon. jobs that a big impact on our general well-being. some offices try to turn the frown upside down with things like dress down days and potluck lunches. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what does your job do to promote a happy workplace? you can share your response at wbaltv.com and on our faceboo
in february. the man who pleaded guilty to shooting gabrielle giffords has been sentenced. jared loughner was sentenced to seven life terms and 140 years. six people were killed in the attack. 13 were wounded, including gabrielle giffords. he has been undergoing psychological treatment. the judge said the evidence shows he knew what he was doing despite his illness. >> an amazing story of survival out of alabama. a 19-year-old falls asleep and his truck runs off the road. it broke his shoulder and his leg but tyler campbell tried climbing up the embankment and three days later he was finally able to make it to the road. he says to survived he used a broken headlight to drink rainwater. the family are calling his survival miracle. they say he knew he was strong but not that strong. three days. >> superstar and sandy is being called the second most destructive than a decade. >> canceled a 20,000 flights. how much all of those are costing the airline industry. >> cleaning supplies, blankets, diapers, much needed items. one woman is helping to fill this truck but she needs your help. details
. also, a dramatic courtroom confrontation of the former congresswoman gabrielle gifford stares down the man who tried to kill her. now that the voters have had their say, colorado's marijuana growers and would-be legal dealers face a showdown with the federal government. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> today we're getting our first inside hints about what's on the president's to-do list now that the election is over. the list includes huge issues like taxes, the deficit, headline making overseas trip and a possible shakeup of his cabinet. let's get right to our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin. she's been doing some reporting. jessica, what are you learning? >> reporter: hi, wolf. first the reports that the president is going to be delivering a major speech on the economy or on the fiscal cliff are simply not true. no big speech planned for the coming days. the second piece -- i'll add to that that the president's team believes that they have laid out pretty clearly where the president stands on deficit reduction and how to avoid the fiscal cliff.
. that's how you felt. tonight we'll tell you why you're absolutely right. gabrielle giffords today came face to face with the man who shot her in the head and killed six others. her husband mark kelly had some powerful words for the gunman next. ate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum. so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. [ male announcer ] sounds good. the wheels of progress. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to
gabrielle giffords has been sentenced to seven life terms without parole. mark kelly giffords husband gave a powerful statement praising his wife and detailing her struggles as she recovered. he ended by saying you have decades upon decades to contemplate what you did. but after today, after this moment, here and now, gaby and i are doesn't thinking about you. we received a statement from daniel hernandez jr. who came to gabrielle giffords aide. he too was looking for closure saying never letting our community be consumed th anger we resolve to make the best of this tragedy. we know we have close this chapter and we must move on the next one where we will be able to do good. we have new pictures of the malala yousufzai, the pakistani girl who spoke out about the right of girls to get an education. doctors say she's making satisfactory progress. her prognosis the eminent. she didn't suffer from significant brain-damage. she can walk and talk. her father said she stands for human dignity and tolerance and her voice is the voice of the people of pakistan. >>> an estimated 666,000 people in ne
rampage that almost killed then congresswoman gabrielle giffords. gifford and husband, mark kelly, will be in court as jared loughner faces life behind bars. kelly is expected to make a statement before the judge. loughner killed six people during that rampage. giffords was among 13 that were wounded. >>> an arizona man enjoying his first night of freedom after spending almost 40 years behind bars for a double-murder he insists he did not commit. bill mccumber, 77 years old was released after a deal with prosecutors, to let him go after time served from the killings in 1962. the justice project took up his case saying he was framed by his wife during an ugly divorce and that another man eventually confessed to the crime. >> wow, can't imagine spending 40 years behind bars for a crime that you allegedly didn't commit, unfortunately that probably happens a little too much in america. >> time he will never get back. if he is innocent. he spent the years of his life locked up. no justice system is not perfect. not ours. >> if that is indeed true, though, that's an evil woman that woul
the biggest company in the world? >>> and the reason why gabrielle giffords will come face to face with this man -- her attacker -- today. >>> u.s. stocks are slightly lower today. investors continue to worry about the looming fiscal cliff debate. shares have dropped 20% since their september peak. some investors may be selling in anticipation of higher capital gains taxes. right now, the dow is down about 25 minute -- 25 points. apple's stock is selling down about 2.5%. that's after opening at 550 a share. that was down 21% from the stock's all-time high of $705 in september. one analyst says it makes a lot of sense to sell apple now and takele capital gain. >>> 355,000 new claims were filed for benefits last week. that's down 8,000 from the week before. but that number could partially be influenced by hurricane sandy. >>> 7:45. boy, more suffering right now in the northeastern u.s. a powerful new winter storm right after hurricane sandy. emily schmidt is live on staten island, new york, dealing with freezing temperatures and power outages and more. emily? >> reporter: dave, you a
time since she was gunned down exactly 22 months ago, former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will come face to face with the man who tried to assassinate her. jared loughner will be sentenced to life without parole after pleading guilty to the murders of six people and the wounding of 13 others. giffords husband, mark kelly, will also be in court reading a letter on his wife's behalf. >>> the election in florida is still too close to call in the presidential contest. and in another florida race, republican congressman alan west is demanding a recount despite the fact that he's trailing democrat patrick murphy by nearly 2,500 votes considered outside the margin for a recount. >>> at least 48 are dead after a massive 7.4 magnitude earthquake in guatemala. cameras rolled as an aftershock hit during a briefing by the country's president and his sign language interpreter. >>> this is remarkable. take a look at the upper right-hand part of your screen. that's a woman surviving after getting crushed by three cars while trying to cross the street. if you can believe it, she only suff
is expected by the british government on friday. the man who shot former congressman gabrielle giffords has been jailed for life. jared loughner shot her in head and killed six others. the jiabao came face to face for the first time today in a courtroom in arizona. -- the two came face-to-face for the first time today in the courtroom in arizona. "i will live and die in syria" was the defiant message from syrian president assad in an interview. this comes as a reaction after he was offered safe passage as a guarantee to end the civil war. the bbc's diplomatic correspondent, james robbins, has the story. >> the syrian opposition groups have been under intense pressure to unify under a common leadership, meeting in doha. the rival groups have been urged by the arab league to overcome the sharp divisions that have so far weaken their efforts to bring down president i thought. -- president assad. >> if they are able to come to an agreement, that will bring us together. the international community would expressed its willingness to provide support and assistance. >> it could form a sort of gover
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